Blog #2 Thinking About Remediation

When asked to think about remediation in a piece of technology we look into pieces of technology we use on a day-to-day basis. Something that comes to mind is the camera. Isn’t it hard to believe that years and years ago people weren’t snapping pics on a iPhone 6 Plus? Weird right?

In 1840 the first invention of the “camera” was brought about and even then only a still picture was made and there was no promise that it wouldn’t fade. Nowadays you’re called old fashion even if you get prints made to send to our grandparents. The first film camera wasn’t invented until 1925, can you imagine having to keep up with rolls and rolls of film just for one single picture? I’d rather scroll my camera roll on my iPhone than do that.

In 1947 the Polaroid was invented and that let the photographer have the picture printed out immediately. They’ve actually made a come back and the modern Polaroid picture makes the perfect Instagram for the trendy girl. The first cell phone camera wasn’t actually invented until 2000 if you can believe it. Just think how much a cell phone camera has changed just within 15 years. Personally I don’t even think I own a digital camera anymore. Now my iPhone camera serves as my primary source of image snapping. Wow we’ve come a long way.

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