Blog #4

In the fight over paper vs. technology…technology will always win. Personally I like to write everything out and then transfer it to my computer but that’s not the case for every student. When it comes to reading on technology vs. an actual book I prefer an actual book. Is it inconvenient? Yes. But I guess i’m “old fashion”. I think however that the students of today starting in elementary classrooms need to start on technology at a young age. Thankfully they are.

If I had grown up reading off of an iPad or submitting online homework I think I would have made it just fine in college. But now I think I struggle with the technology scene. As far as the Blog “Is Google Making Us Stupid” I don’t really think we’re “stupid” I think it’s making the world a little bit easy for us. An example I like to give is if it wasn’t for Google I wouldn’t remember how many ounces are in a pound or I wouldn’t know the meaning of a word I wasn’t familiar with. Something that I cannot imagine though is life without Google. As spoiled and as bad as that sounds I cannot imagine a life without Google.

Something we’ve talked about in class is how fast our world is moving with the internet. Our world is go go go go and the internet is what keeps us going. For example, if my phone were to go dead and I was in the middle of no where without my internet on point.


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