“How To” Do’s and Don’ts

When asked to pro and con the videos I looked up a major issue I found with most videos was the speaking clearly. Most videos the main character had either background noise or couldn’t speak loud enough to over ride the noise. I assume that this lies in the type of camera or recording device that you use. I’m no videographer but I do know the importance of enunciating. Also something that I found interesting was none of the videos gave any type of credits like “information collected from…source”. How do the viewers know that you aren’t filling them full of a bunch of random information? They don’t, they’re just believing what they view on the internet. Again a problem with our world today! I also found that characters that use proper grammar sound like they at least know what they’re talking about and those who don’t just sound like a random person posting another “How to” video.

Negative: How to curl your hair with a flat iron?


Positives: How to curl your hair with a straightener?


– background noise/she was not loud enough – keywords used on the screen
– the speed up doesn’t help it confuses – spoke loud and clear
– be clear and upfront – went through the steps completely
– didn’t use proper grammar – very descriptive
– too much side chatter

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