Wave Blog

When using the Wave Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool I found many errors for the website I researched. The website that I researched was http://theodysseyonline.com/, the odyssey online is a website that I tend to repost to Facebook a lot. I realized that I first was mad with the web page was when the amount of pop ups and ads ran across the page. This was so extremely frustrating. The odyssey gives the viewer the options to research what they are interested in, however pop ups are not interesting to me.

The list of errors I found were thirty six total errors. There was a missing form label, an empty button, and thirty four empty links. There were only two alerts, one missing first level heading and one noscript element. This is something that as a user we can’t see by the naked eye, I found that the use of the wave helped me better understand the errors of this web page.


The Old Wide Web

Way back win…good old dial up internet was the good old days. I remember when the world wide web was the slowest form of communication that’s right, the dial up internet. Those few crazy noises that came out of the speakers and once you got past step 3 you were golden.

Something else that I remember having was AIM. The coolest way to talk to your friends. I had everyones email memorized and everyone had mine memorized. We might have had something like 2cute4you1992@aol.com or shecheerz100@aol.com, something that reminded our friends our personality. Me, I got my AIM username later than everyone else. Yes I was one of those kids that their mom stood over their shoulder and watched each and everything that they typed. Ugh so frustrating but now that I look back it probably kept me out of a lot of mean girl drama. Looking back I feel like I didn’t really even use the internet for any kind of research. Because it was so new our teachers all still required us to go to the Library and pull sources. Something that is almost unheard of now.

Personalized Learning

Something that I really take away from this is that everyone learns in different ways and most importantly at a different pace. When I got to college I was so bummed that I didn’t just get to dive right into my area of study. That I had to take all these stupid 101 classes that really felt like a waste of my time. I mean honestly who ever learned anything from a power point presentation? These are the types of teachers like just read off a power point and I’ve completely zoned out, I’m texting my friend about what’s for lunch, and my parents have just wasted $3,000 on a class. Sad…but true.

Do I feel like we should do away with these types of classes? Yes. Will we? No. Students who don’t have a clue what they’re going to do in the world have to start somewhere. Me, I knew that I was going to teach first grade my whole life so I didn’t care about geology lab or college algebra. I felt that those classes were a complete waste of my parents money and that I didn’t need to take those classes. I’m not sure what universities will replace them with but I hope they would just have a “Education 101” class for a starting out education major.