Personalized Learning

Something that I really take away from this is that everyone learns in different ways and most importantly at a different pace. When I got to college I was so bummed that I didn’t just get to dive right into my area of study. That I had to take all these stupid 101 classes that really felt like a waste of my time. I mean honestly who ever learned anything from a power point presentation? These are the types of teachers like just read off a power point and I’ve completely zoned out, I’m texting my friend about what’s for lunch, and my parents have just wasted $3,000 on a class. Sad…but true.

Do I feel like we should do away with these types of classes? Yes. Will we? No. Students who don’t have a clue what they’re going to do in the world have to start somewhere. Me, I knew that I was going to teach first grade my whole life so I didn’t care about geology lab or college algebra. I felt that those classes were a complete waste of my parents money and that I didn’t need to take those classes. I’m not sure what universities will replace them with but I hope they would just have a “Education 101” class for a starting out education major.


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