The Old Wide Web

Way back win…good old dial up internet was the good old days. I remember when the world wide web was the slowest form of communication that’s right, the dial up internet. Those few crazy noises that came out of the speakers and once you got past step 3 you were golden.

Something else that I remember having was AIM. The coolest way to talk to your friends. I had everyones email memorized and everyone had mine memorized. We might have had something like or, something that reminded our friends our personality. Me, I got my AIM username later than everyone else. Yes I was one of those kids that their mom stood over their shoulder and watched each and everything that they typed. Ugh so frustrating but now that I look back it probably kept me out of a lot of mean girl drama. Looking back I feel like I didn’t really even use the internet for any kind of research. Because it was so new our teachers all still required us to go to the Library and pull sources. Something that is almost unheard of now.


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