Final Blog Post

As I prepare my final blog post that I hope I will ever write I want to conclude that I actually really did enjoy the digital writing experience. To me I saw digital writing as blog posts and only blog posts. I now see that it is so so so much more than that. I honestly means all means of communication. As far as video, or infographics, or webpage design and writing. I will say that I am not made for the blogging world. I think I will have to make my contributions to the World Wide Web anonymously from now on. Blogging was never something that I saw myself doing, not even if I was majorly passionate about something. However, I feel like for this course blogging is vital.

Something that I found interesting in the world of digital writing is that digital writers aren’t just a bunch of nerds hiding behind their computers making adjustments. They’re creative, genius, and worldly humans who choose to contribute to the world of digital writing in many different ways. I think that my issue is that I am so scared of being wrong about my writing on the Internet that someone will call me out on my being wrong. I feel that this is why I held back some in some of my assignments.

I will say that I really enjoyed all of the Units that we did this semester except the website errors and design unit. I felt like I really had no clue what I was talking about nor had enough experience to throw my own judgment on someone else’s web design. I was very uncomfortable and uneasy about this project and didn’t realize until I got too far into it that I was so confused. I really liked doing all the other units however, even the eLearning video. I found that video really interesting because I find myself googling “How To” videos all the time.

I fell that this class will benefit not only professional writing minors but any English minor or major. Digital writing is something that honestly anyone who frequents the Internet needs to take. Take for example the Wikipedia project that we dabbled with. I knew that Wikipedia wasn’t 100% accurate most of the time but I didn’t know that it was a collaboration of people who constantly are adding and taking from pages on a day-to-day basis. This is important to know for those who use this website.

To conclude, I feel that I benefited not only as a college student but as a frequent internet browser. I was able to differentiate between what was good “digital writing” and ultimately good “digital communication”. These were all seen throughout the course and I now see the ultimate goal of the course plain and clearly. I feel as if I will be able to use my new found knowledge of digital writing in my everyday life. I overall enjoyed the course and would recommend it to any student that was looking to enrich their digital writing skills and knowledge.


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